Record Labels

Secure payment

1. PayPal

To send money, online shopping, international transactions,PayPal is essential!First, because it is safe, because it did not need to remember any particularsequence, and were sad not to pay thecost of maintenance of onlineinterface, you can use andwhere they want, have a minimum credit line for it,so you do not up in case you do not have coverage, and PayPal in the onlinecash-generating systems often can be paid.

2. Bank transfer

the card payment is safe, because only such a module can worksitesinspected. So on that sidewhere cards can be paid, must have somecredibility-monitoring tool. This authenticityverification device may only after abureaucratic process, which may occurafter the card-module.
In this case, only the card number the verification code (three digit number from back side), andthe period of validity must indicate.
In any case, do not ask for your name, pin code or passwords for onlinebanking interface!